3 Tips For A “Puppy Raw Diet”

May 04, 2017


Should you feed your puppy a raw diet? Short answer: yes! Long answer: yes, definitely!

Because raw is the natural diet of a dog, a raw diet for puppies will show the same great benefits as one for mature dogs, such as healthier skin, clean teeth, improved digestion, reduced shedding and better mental well-being.

In fact, it is better to start feeding raw as a puppy, you can feel confident that you're giving your puppy the best right from the start. You can also avoid any detox that can sometimes occur when transitioning an adult dog.

Here are three tips for your puppy raw diet:

How much to feed

Like mature dogs, the amount of raw food for a puppy is dependent primarily on their size. Their daily requirement will change as they grow and develop. Typically, your puppy should be eating approximately 4-5% of their ideal adult weight (in lbs) of natural food on a daily basis. To determine how much this is for your specific dog, check out our handy raw feeding calculator:

Pick one protein to start

Mature dogs should rotate between three or four protein sources such as chicken, beef, turkey, pork, lamb, duck and more. However, for puppies it is best to start with one protein source to ensure it responds well with their digestive system. After a few days you can add one more protein source and repeat. This way, if they do have any issues, you’ll be able to single out the source.

how often to feed

We recommend feeding your growing dog 2-3 times a day (as opposed to 1-2 times a day when they’re mature.) It is best to offer the meal for 5-10 minutes in a quiet space where your puppy feels safe. If your dog does not eat all their food in their allotted time simply put the remainder back in the refrigerator and offer at their next meal time. Avoid “dressing” or “topping” the food with cheese, gravy or other offerings as it can lead to picky eating as a mature dog.

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