Buying Ready-made Raw Dog Food Vs. Preparing It On Your Own

June 19, 2017

iron will raw dog food, buying raw vs making it

We have previously looked at how to properly handle and store raw pet food, but let’s go back one stage to actually acquiring the food. There are some owners who purchase raw dog food from producers like Iron Will Raw and some who do things the old-fashioned way; that is, purchase raw meat themselves from a grocery store, butcher or farmer.

Of course, we believe in purchasing from a producer...if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be making Iron Will Raw! Here are some of the key differences between purchasing a ready-made raw diet and preparing it on your own.


Purchasing from a supplier like Iron Will Raw ensures that the food is being made consistently every batch. All of our raw material is ordered specific to each recipe, this ensures we are not just using yesterday's leftovers, rendered or tainted meats. We’ve developed and implemented strict food safety programs which track our product from supplier to store in order to provide you with the confidence of fresh, quality product.


When purchasing your raw food from a producer who is experienced and knowledgeable about raw diets, they can help you select the right type of diet for your dog. Trying to do it alone by purchasing from a butcher shop may result in an incomplete and unbalanced diet which can put your pet’s health at risk. 

Diets like those provided by Iron Will Raw’s Original Formulas already come with the nutrition that your pet needs. With the addition of organ meats as well as superfoods like tripe, kale, spinach and kelp, you can be sure we’ve taken into consideration the vitamin and mineral requirements of your canine & feline companions. We not only take these requirements into consideration but we prove them too. Iron Will Raw sends our formulas out to third party labs for nutritional testing and our results are posted on our website and product labels for transparency to the consumer. Mixing up the protein source or types of meat will maximize nutrition and create a more healthy, balanced diet for your pet.


We would never recommend sacrificing your pet’s health in the name of “convenience”;  but if you’re committed to serving a natural raw diet that is best for your pet, you’ve already made the right choice. So when comparing the two methods, purchasing on your own or from a producer, you should consider the time you’ll save between finding raw meat, proper vegetables and supplements and preparing your dog’s balanced meal. That means you’ll have more time to spend with your beloved pet training, playing and relaxing!

As we said, if you’ve chosen to feed your dog or cat a raw diet, that is great! This is a very important step to make that your pet will love you for. If you’d like to know more about how producers like Iron Will Raw make and prepare our food, contact us today or leave a comment below. And if you’re committed to preparing food on your own, feel free to submit any question to us. At the end of the day, we just want to ensure your pet is receiving a healthy, nutritious diet!