Can Cats be Fed Raw Pet Food?

May 24, 2022

IWR_12_Cat_1080x1080_INSTA_Blog-01Is Iron Will Raw suitable for cats? The answer is yes, absolutely! There are lots of benefits to feeding these obligate carnivores a raw, species-appropriate diet:



Do I Need to Add Taurine Supplements to Iron Will Raw Formulas?

We’ve received lots of questions about raw diets for cats, like how much taurine do cats require and if taurine supplements need to be added to Iron Will Raw menu items. According to the Journal of Small Animal Practice, cats require between 35-250 mg of taurine per day. Each of our formulas are made with this requirement in mind, so additional taurine supplements do not need to be added to any Iron Will Raw Formulas. All of our Formulas contain the necessary amount of taurine and nutrients for cats, and Iron Will Raw Ground Formulas were created specifically with our feline friends in mind!

Switch Up the Protein

To ensure you’re providing your cat with a nutritionally complete diet, we recommend rotating between 2-4 different sources of protein every few weeks. By switching up the source of the protein, your cat gets a variety of nutrients on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis which helps maintain optimal health and wellbeing. It also helps keep kitty interested in the dinner plate!

Thinking of transitioning your cat to a raw food diet or switching to Iron Will Raw? We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our species-appropriate pet food and raw diets for cats! Send us your questions on Facebook, Instagram , or email us at