Illnesses that can be avoided in cats by feeding raw foods

August 25, 2017


We have written about raw pet food for cats previously. In summary, a raw diet for cats has many of the same benefits as a raw diet for dogs. In fact, it might be even more important for cats to eat raw than it is for dogs because cats are obligate carnivores.

There are more specific benefits for cats eating raw, though. In particular, a cat on a diet of raw meat is more likely to avoid some specific illnesses and health problems. This will have an impact not only the longevity of a cat’s life, but will significantly improve the quality of that life as well.

Raw Pet Food To Combat Cat Obesity

The “fat cat” is a cartoon stereotype and a common sight in our society. Unfortunately, unlike the cartoon, a real life overweight cat is no laughing matter. Obesity is a serious health problem in cats and one that is too often not taken care of. Unfortunately, processed commercial dry and wet food for cats that advertise themselves as “for weight loss” often make the problem worse, with unnecessary filler and fattening carbohydrates.

A raw diet can have a positive and quick impact on a cat’s weight. There are two primary causes a raw diet is able to maintain a healthy weight for cats. Firstly, raw meat does not contain carbohydrates, which are not natural to a cat’s diet or digestion and can lead to excess fat being produced. Secondly, a raw diet will control how often a cat is eating and how quickly. By restricting free feeding on kibble, a cat’s metabolism improves. Also, raw meat is difficult for a cat to gorge on, slowing down their eating and keeping their digestive system working smoothly.

A Raw Diet Helps Prevent and Treat Diabetes

Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes in cats, so preventing obesity will have a positive impact on preventing diabetes. But obesity isn’t the only risk factor. A non-obese cat eating a high-carbohydrate diet is still at significant risk to develop diabetes due to spikes in sugar levels cause by digesting carbs. By reducing their carb intake to zero with a raw meat diet, you can significantly decrease a cat’s risk of developing diabetes. And if a cat has been diagnosed, switching to their natural raw diet significantly improves their chances of remission.

If you’re considering placing a feline on a raw pet food diet, contact us today with any questions you may have; we’re here to help. And next time you’re at your pet food store, ask them to point you towards the Iron Will Raw!