Are raw dog food diets balanced?

May 15, 2017


One of the ways the kibble pet food industry remains a billion-dollar industry is by marketing its product as being able to provide “balance”. This is also how kibble manufacturers excuse having dozens of ingredients in their product.

The truth is that our recommended raw diet is the natural diet for dogs and cats. It is important to keep in mind that a “raw diet” does not include ONLY raw meat. This would, of course, be unbalanced and not reflective of a dog’s natural diet.

Wild dogs do not have the benefit of a lab and chemists combining dozens of ingredients into a small piece of highly-processed kibble, yet they are able to thrive on what nature provides. If you feed enough variety of bones and organs within the diet (10-15% of the total diet, each), you can ensure our pets receive the proper minerals in the necessary ratio.

Dog Superfoods

Raw diets should consist of more than just meat and bones. Superfoods like kale, parsley, spinach and kelp will also help your dog receive all the vitamins and minerals they need. These natural foods will digest easier and grant many benefits to your dog. Their importance is why we include them in our formulas. You can see a breakdown of our meals and nutritional information on our menu page.

Variety Is Natural To Dogs

Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores in the wild do not have the privilege of ensuring every time they have a chance to eat, that what they’re eating is “balanced”. And their bodies have evolved to cope with this. It is important not that each meal your dog eats is “balanced”, but that they receive the proper amount of nutrients over time. Think of it this way: you probably don’t eat a meal with the exact same proportions every single day, yet you receive the nutrients you need over time.

The idea of what is “balanced” for a dog is a matter of some debate in and of itself. None but nature, with the advantage of thousands of years of evolution, can determine what each specific animal needs and in what ratios. This is why it is best to feed your dog a species specific natural diet and monitor how they react to different meals!