Why Raw Feeding Helps Reduce Allergic Reactions, Sensitivities and Their Impact

October 05, 2017


Have you talked with other dog parents about allergies and found yourself comparing similar notes? Sadly, this is a common conversation owners have and it seems to be growing. Fall is a particularly troublesome time for dogs and allergies.

Over the last twenty years there has been an increase of allergies in dogs and a main contributor can be connected to the food in their diet. Knowing what food is triggering these reactions and how a raw food diet can help in diminishing your dog’s allergies and related symptoms can be the start to seeing immediate healthy results.

Main cause of dog allergies

We know allergies are the result of an immune system overreaction which can happen only after there has been repeated exposure to an allergen or series of allergens.

Unfortunately, a majority of commercially produced kibble features unnatural (to a dog’s ideal diet) fillers. These include potatoes, grains and starches that produce unhealthy results in our dogs. Because these fillers are not biologically meant for dogs or cats; over time they create stress on the immune system. When the immune system is stressed, a dog begins to show signs and reactions that can be difficult to trace to a single trigger because they have developed over time.

Common Allergic Reactions

It can first start out as just a food intolerance and can escalate to systemic allergic reactions that manifest as rashes, chronic ear infections, itchy paws, digestive and joint issues. These are what you should be looking for if you’re worried a dog may be experiencing an allergic reaction.

Some of these reactions may have been influenced by a variety of issues including trees, grass, dirt, fleas, ticks and household chemicals. But, the most common cause is an allergy to their diet, due to the reasons stated above.

As a dog parent, changing your dog’s diet may seem daunting. Where do your start? Feeding dogs raw meat and introducing a full raw dog food diet can significantly turn your dog’s health around for the better.

Raw Food Solutions

The best way to prevent future allergies and to protect your dog from further health problems from the processed food and fillers is to feed a balanced raw food diet. Raw meat for dogs is one main option that can significantly reduce the symptoms and reactions your dog is experiencing.

The best thing is that it is not difficult or expensive to make this transition for your dog. With a variety of protein options you can choose main meals like salmon, turkey, beef, chicken, lamb and duck. We even have a great variety of raw meaty bones.

At Iron Will Raw we can help guide you through the process of picking the best protein for your dog, and leading you into a raw dog food diet that will support your dog’s immune system leaving them healthy from the inside out! 

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