Raw Food with Kibble – Can You Mix the Two?

July 10, 2018

mixing raw food with kibble

There’s a lot of contrasting information out there about mixing raw food with kibble.

Is it bad for my dog’s digestive system? Will it contrast the effects of the raw food? We get these questions a lot.

Here’s the truth about mixing the two foods: yes, you can absolutely do it! In fact, it is highly encouraged that you try to incorporate raw in any way you can, even if it is in small doses.


The Myth of Kibble and Raw

The reason people are skeptical about mixing raw food and kibble is because they are digested differently. Kibble often contains large amounts of starch- in fact, the average kibble can contain anywhere from 30% to 60% starch. Giving your dog this much starch can interrupt his digestive system and increase his pH levels, leading to GI inflammation which causes an upset stomach. This often occurs over time and let’s be honest, our domesticated companions have adapted pretty well to digesting such highly processed foods.

However, feeding your pet a combination of the two instead of just kibble can help reduce the amount of starch she eats and help her absorb more of those good, healthy nutrients which are more bioavailable in a natural, raw diet.

Think about it this way: when humans eat sandwiches, we are eating bread and meat in the same mouthful. Even though the two are digested differently, our body’s digestive system adjusts and we are fine. The same goes for many other foods humans eat, and pet food isn’t much different. While we certainly want to promote a full transition to raw feeding we understand that for many is that it not always possible.  We encourage pet parents to provide as much fresh, raw foods as they are able.


Raw is Power, Even if it’s Not Full-Time  

In a perfect world, every cat and dog would be eating a 100% raw diet, but the reality is that it isn’t always practical for some people.

If you travel often and rely on a pet sitter, or you have financial restraints preventing you from buying all raw, you may need to mix in kibble or dehydrated food.

The truth is that even a small amount of fresh raw food added to our pet’s diets can drastically increase their health and digestion.  We encourage people to feed the most amount of raw that they are able to and comfortable with. And we support our customers to try raw, without having to feel trapped or committed if for whatever reason they have to change their pet’s diet in the future.


The Best Way to Combine Raw food and kibble

Even if you can only add a bit of raw food to a few meals a week, that’s better than no raw at all. You can help your pet’s stomach by giving them some probiotics, which will help lower their pH levels and keep them balanced.

It’s like ordering a burger and getting a side salad instead of french fries. Sure, the burger is still perhaps not the most healthy menu choice, but at least you’re balancing it out with the salad and not adding a full plate of caloric indulgence (even if it does taste better). And if you’re trying to diet and phase out junk foods by gradually adding salads to the mix, this could be the way to do it.

Try giving your dog raw in the morning and kibble for dinner. You can even try giving them a raw meaty bone every so often to help get in those extra nutrients.


We Are Experts in Raw Pet Food, and We’re Here to Help

If you have any more questions about mixing kibble and raw, get in touch with us! We love talking shop and are always here to help out our fellow pet guardians make sure their furry companions get the best nutrition possible.